Today I want to talk about the theme of violence against women.
Because today is November 25 , the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women;but also because this a very diffused problem, more than what we image!

Rapes, physical violences, acid attacks, murders are, unfortunately, news that we read or listen every day.

It’s important to make it clear that any kind of violence, even psychological and economic violence, are unforgivable injustice and must never be justified!

Today I want to show you some pictures taken by me. I’m not a professional photographer, but two years ago I attended a photography course where the teacher asked us to take some pictures on the theme of violence against women, to create an exhibition for November 25th.
The exhibition was successful, and there were others too … during one of these I heard the testimony of a woman who had been a victim of violence by her husband for more than thirty years!

It was really emotionally strong for me to represent this theme and listen to its story, which unfortunately is similar to the story of many women!


I collected these photos in a video made by my boyfriend Francesco, a musician and a man very attentive to this theme. It would be great if all men were like him !!

I would also like to remind you that the name of this blog is inspired by a great Italian artist, Artemisia Gentileschi, who was a victim of violence. She was raped when she was only 17 by Agostino Tassi, who was an artist like her.

In an era when women had no rights, it was very difficult for her to decide to denounce her rapist.

But the brave young woman made it, she began a long and stressful process that saw her very involved emotionally.


And she won; she managed to have her rapist condemned!

Her life and career can be an example for all of us!

And today, centuries later, we all shout with her: No Violence Against Women!



Models: Elisa Battista, Roberta di Liello
Video and music: Francesco Giorgetti. To listen something else of this musician visit his Instagram page: @mr_hotmustache
Photos: Teresa Battista
Article edited by Teresa Battista
Follow me on Instagram: @teresa.battista

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