Today I’ll talk about Susanne Kurwig, a German artist who create abstract and colorful paintings.

She has a brand called “SuseMuse – Malerei und MixedMedia Kunst”, and her art is inspired by garden life and faces.

Hi Susan! Tell us something about you and your art…

“I’m from Germany and live in Nettetal, a small village.

I use to make art since I was young.

About ten years ago I started to invest more time and energy in it. I rent a atelier, took art cources, took part on exhibitions and start selling my artwork.

My mother was a very creative person. My whole family is supporting my passion for painting.

I like Marc Chagall, Paul Gauguin, Gabrielle Münter, Paul Klee, Emil Nolde. 

Actually all the expressionists beginning of the 20th century.

With my art I want to bring joy and happiness to the people. A time to pause by viewing the painting. Food for the soul.

I’m a abstract MixedMedia artist. I use different art supplies. Heavy body and liquid acrylic paint, watercolour, ink, spray paint, pens, oilpastells, collage paper, tape. I’m painting on canvas, paper, wood and cardboard.

My painting are all very colorfull. I love colors. I use a lot of layers, shapes and marks to create contrast and interest. I’m inspired by my garden, flowers, floral shapes.

Dancing and playing with colors.

My own favorite painting at the moment is “Universe”, 60 x 80 cm on canvas”.

Do you use internet to promote your art?

I show my art on Instagram, Facebook and have an online- shop.

Instagram is important for my artwork. I feel supported by my followers and I’m happy to be able to show my artwork an audience every time.

 Do you like the idea of an Art blog dedicated to the women artists?

Yes, I like the idea of an Art blog dedicate to the women artists. Most of my followers on IG are women. And I am following more women artist than men.

 What advice would you give to a girl who wants to become an artist?

My advice to a girl would be just keep on doing. It is sometime a challange to discover the own inner artist. But if you connected with your inner artist/creativity it is great, strong power.

 Future work projects?

In autumn I’ll start to offer creative courses in my atelier. I want to share with people the overwhelming feeling of being creative with colors.



I must say that Susan conveys this feeling very well. The colors in his paintings really convey joy and happiness. I believe that there is no more satisfaction for an artist than to convey to others exactly what one has in the soul. And Susan expresses the joy of life!


All images are created bt Susanne Kurwig.

Article edited by Teresa Battista.

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